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This election is about JOBS and diversifying West Virginia’s economy. As a businessman and a small business owner, I know job creation requires a stable and consistent tax structure, less regulation, and civil justice reform. I remain concerned about the current trend of our state’s finances, although improving, and our need for greater business diversification in our local and state economies. We must be proactive in creating employment opportunities in West Virginia through incentivizing business to protect our current job base, as well as, creating opportunities to add new employees. These opportunities are best created through legislation that is introduced and supported by experienced business people. I commit to you that I will continue to work to improve a job creating environment in West Virginia.


  • Supporting opportunities for our youth in priority #1
  • I support an educated and trained workforce.
  • I support improvements in K-12 preparation for college or technical trades.
  • I support rewarding teachers for improved results and teaching techniques.
  • I support the PROMISE scholarship and ways to incentivize businesses to keep more graduates in West Virginia.
  • I support improving operating efficiencies in our school system.
  • I support more local control at our county boards and schools.
  • I support ways we can better train our current workforce as well as providing training opportunities for new job skills.


As House Finance Chairman since 2015, I have promoted and led a regular review of all state spending units and worked diligently with other members to reform our state's budget process. I have demonstrated the ability to limit the growth and reduce the waste in government spending. I favor and have sponsored legislation that required all regulations have a 5 year sunset provision. The result is the legislature is now required to analyze the cost benefit of regulations and eliminate and/or change those regulations which did not meet their intended goal when initially passed. I also have also promoted the prioritization of government spending and the review and analysis of the cost benefit, or return on investment, of government expenditures.


  • I have supported the additional investment and expansion of our broadband networks.
  • I supported the additional investment in roads, water and sewer.

Natural Resources / Energy

I strongly support the production of our state’s abundant natural resources - coal, oil, gas, and timber. As we continue to develop cost effective alternative energy sources, we cannot turn our back on those resources that allow us to have affordable electricity and heating rates. Since elected, I have been a key supporter for improved development of our resources and will continue to push all efforts that ultimately results in greater downstream opportunities to expand our chemical industry.


  • I supported and voted on reducing excessive taxes.
  • I have supported and voted on reduced taxes for West Virginia seniors and veterans.
  • I support the elimination of taxes on business inventory and business equipment. We have long been known for our manufacturing strength, reducing these taxes will help bring back our manufacturing and its higher paying jobs.
  • I supported and voted for increasing the Historic Tax Credit to further promote development of our urban areas.


I support the 2nd amendment to our Constitution that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.


I support the right to life.

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